My Service commitment:

In all the years of guiding tourists in the land of Israel, it has been my policy to help in any way possible to make their visit successful, significant, fun and perfectly suited to the tourist, while safety and security have always been my number-one priorities.

Payment policy:

A down payment of 20% of the guiding cost is required to secure my time and do the bookings. A personal check can be mailed to me (to the address below). An additional advance of 30% will be sent 45 days prior to the tour. The rest (of guiding and planning fee, my hotel expenses, transfers, etc.) will be paid at the end of the tour. The price of tour in $ will be determined by the exchange rate on the day of booking the tour and sending the down payment.

Cancellation fees:

By 45 days prior to arrival – first deposit. By 30 days prior to arrival and less – no refund